Pierre & Yvonne

One Boy, One Girl

The Bolly-Chees are literally polar opposites. Bolly lives life fully – full cream, full fat, full bottle of wine…the FULL experience and indulgence. Chee tries to live life fully sans cream, sans fat, moderated one glass of wine per day, the SKIM version.

Love brought us together and a common passion for life, living,  travelling, exploration and food brings us around the world. We are  blessed to be living in our (okay, Chee’s) favourite city in the  world, Paris, and we are making our way through Europe and the world  to discover more of life and what it has to offer us.  This blog is an insight into some of our experiences as we live, laugh, love and learn our way through the days ahead of us.

12 thoughts on “Pierre & Yvonne

  1. I love your approach to your blog. You and your partner and a bit like my hubby and I; I’m the pessimist, he the optimist, I am the frugal one, he is the spendthrift. Together, some balance (and some disagreements, n’est pas?) 🙂

    • We are very similar to you and your hubby! Pierre is the ‘chill’ person and I being pessimist worry about everything. Most certainly agree with you that there’s that fine balance and some ugly disagreements at times 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment! Very much appreciated! The door was actually in Dijon. A surprise find when we were walking around. Love such surprise finds 🙂

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