If Iron Nun Can Do It, So Can You

“First, you have to have the desire. Then, once you have the desire, you can become a little bit more daring, and with daring you get determination. And with determination comes the dedication, and then the actual doing. Those are the five Ds.”

The person who said this has competed in more than 340 triathlons, including over 46 Ironman triathlons and countless other races.  What makes up an Ironman triathlon? Swim 3.86 km (2.4 miles), cycle 180 km (112 miles) and then run a full marathon (42.2km or 26.2 miles). No mean feat! Well, guess what? The lady who’s achieved the above is also 82 years old and recently finished the Ironman Canada triathlon in August 2012 with a timing of 16h:32m, setting the world record as the oldest woman to complete an Ironman Triathlon. She’s Sister Madonna Buder, a nun who lives in Washington and has earned the moniker of the “Iron Nun” for her amazing feats.

I think I can safely say that Sister Madonna Buder’s achievements puts many of us who are younger than her by 10, 20, 40 or even 60 years to shame.  She’s my daily inspiration and make that an upsized daily inspiration! To those who think that they are too old or their bodies too weak to exercise or go the distance, throw caution to the wind and give your bodies a shot at what it’s capable of doing.

Put on your shoes and go run now! 😉


2 thoughts on “If Iron Nun Can Do It, So Can You

  1. wow, what a story! you can apply this to everything in your life, not just exercise. Do it, do it all, and don’t look back. What a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

    • You’re welcome and I’m glad it inspired you as well! I still can’t imagine how she does it. Iron Nun said this – “That’s one of the reasons I keep doing it. Because I just want to keep encouraging people, and if this old lady can do it anybody can do it.”

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