Where Did All the Time Go?

I remember we used to copy one another’s homework, get hauled up for our short school skirts, make last-ditch attempts to squeeze in one year’s worth of school syllabus in a week in order to scrap through our examinations, shout at the top of our voices to cheer our school’s sports teams, think of ways and means to get a chance to speak to the boys we had a crush on, spend an inordinate amount of time at fast-food joints after school’s out and have girly stayovers at your place where we would chat until we could hardly keep our eyelids open. Those were carefree teenage years and somehow, we grew up and became who we are today. Working adults, wives and you, a mother.

Where did all the time go?

My dad sent me a box of my trinkets. A box that I had stashed away more than a decade ago and long forgotten about.  Opening it was akin to opening a Christmas present as I held my breath momentarily in anticipation of what I would find in there. Badges that we proudly wore on our uniforms in our youth stared right back at me as I clicked open the box.  A wave of fond memories engulfed my mind.

Nostalgia warmed my heart. The times we’ve laughed; the times we’ve celebrated; the times we’ve cried; and the times we’ve quarreled. I wondered if we had imagined ourselves to be who we are today when we were younger… 

Where did all the time go?


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