From Bolly-Chees to Beatles-Chees

My father is a big fan of Beatles. So three of his kids and his son-in-law (my two brothers and I as well as Bolly) decided to go on a Beatles’ walking tour when we visited London in April.

Of course, Abbey Road was a key destination of the tour and we (like many other eager tourists) had to strike a pose akin to the cover of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album.

This is for you, Daddy.

A keepsake and memory that would always bring a smile to our faces.

🙂 🙂 🙂


One thought on “From Bolly-Chees to Beatles-Chees

  1. I love the three of you on Abby Road. The photograph brought a big smile to my face. Your Dad must have thought it very cool. I can still remember watching The Beatles, on their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Virginina

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