Looking on the Bright Side

I first spotted this inverted red traffic light man while walking around Paris one day.

Today, I felt just like him as I had a topsy turvy day.

Everything seemed upside down and in a mess.

I’ll look on the bright side though.

Today’s almost over and tomorrow’s another day.

Time to lay my head down and get some rest.

Goodnight, world.


4 thoughts on “Looking on the Bright Side

    • Thanks for stopping by and liking our post! Hope Thursday will be a better day for you! As for why it was upside down…I don’t have an explanation. Probably some faulty traffic light in Paris. 😉

  1. I hope the upside down man did to you, what it did to me. Giggled and called the Good Husband to the computer to share your wonderful humour. Virginia

    • 😉 it’s pleasant surprises as such that makes walking around in Paris so much fun (apart from all the wonderful monuments and architecture of course) and yeah it brought a huge smile to my face 🙂

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