Paris Dining: Bistro Les Deux Stations

We don’t usually blog about our less than satisfactory dining experiences. That doesn’t mean that we’ve only ever had sumptuous and mouth-watering meals.  In fact since we eat out quite often, we’ve had our fair share of ‘not-so-pleasant’ dining episodes.  Keeping quiet about these experiences is our way of erasing the blah memories…

That being said, we both decided to go ahead with writing about our disappointing experience at “Les Deux Stations” in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.  I had read some good reviews of this bistro populaire and gave it the benefit of the doubt since it was also on Le Fooding.

We’ve dined at restaurants/bistros that’s wowed our socks off through a combination of the following – quality of ingredients and cuisine, attentive and professional service, great decor and quality-price ratio. Les Deux Stations barely met any of the above conditions. The hangar steak and steak tartar we had for our main dishes were lacklustre. Service was lacking  (even by a bistro’s standards). It didn’t help that one of the waiters had his pants hanging below his briefs and each time he walked in front of me, I was reminded of the colour of his briefs.

The final bill came up to €64.70 for an entrée, two main dishes and a pitcher of wine. While the amount wasn’t staggering, it just was not worth it based on what we ate. Suffice to say, Bolly wasn’t a happy paying customer.

What “Les Deux Stations” has going for it however is its central location within the 16th arrondissement and its proximity to Roland Garros (where the French Open is played) as well as a rather funky diner-style decor.  I don’t think we’ll be back again unless we’re starving after watching a match at Roland Garros.

The one thing that distracted us  from the disappointment was the sighting of one of our favourite monuments in the world on our way home 🙂

The Eiffel Tower…never fails to take my breath away 🙂


One thought on “Paris Dining: Bistro Les Deux Stations

  1. I like that you don’t generally post negative reviews about restaurants. I feel the same way. As chefs we have incredibly high standards. We seldom dine out any more. Like you I read these great reviews, and then the restaurant doesn’t measure up. Sometimes you have one thing not up to par, but when EVERY thing is a downer you think “what an absolute waste of money and time”. However,your photograph of the Eiffel Tower took my breath away. Virginia

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