Searching For A Teletransporter

The distance of places and lapses of time are no longer what they used to be with the advent of modern technology.  The respective distances of 10740km and 275km from our families in Singapore and Belgium to our lives in Paris have been exponentially reduced with our daily interaction via WhatsApp with our loved ones.

Strangely enough, at times I feel that what Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City may even ring some truth for my family…”Do we need distance to get close?”

Nevertheless, being far away from the family sometimes really sucks. From not being able to watch my siblings grow up, celebrate special occasions with the family, eat home-cooked food to something as simple as spending a lazy day idling at home with family members around.

The brothers and sisters played tennis yesterday and joked about being the next Maria Sharapova or more likely the next Grand Slam ball picker…

whipped up a home-cooked meal of pasta…

before devouring it with cheese that we bought together when the brothers visited us in Paris 2 months ago…

and I was not there… 😦

Being able to share in the joy almost real-time with the text messages and photos sent via WhatsApp was a consolation which somewhat dulled the pain of homesickness…



2 thoughts on “Searching For A Teletransporter

  1. Home Sick. It is aptly described. Sometimes just a smell will evoke this strong, punch to the heart emotion. And, there is little you can do about when you are half way around the world from your loved ones and all things familiar. Virginia

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