Am I straight?

Am I (standing) straight? The question I asked myself often…the first time I visited Amsterdam about 5 years ago. The sight of crooked buildings and houses tilted to the side caught me by surprise back then and never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever I see them in Amsterdam. Here are some photos from our recent trip to Amsterdam with my brothers.

So it seems that the houses in Amsterdam are tilted as the wooden stilts which were driven into the swamp land to support the houses are rotting hence causing the houses to sink and tilt.

Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out which is the tilted building. These two were obvious though…

Even the street lamp wasn’t straight or was it the buildings that were tilted?

Slanted, crooked and tilted buildings aside, Amsterdam’s still a picturesque city…

🙂 🙂


One thought on “Am I straight?

  1. I lived for a while in Amsterdam. Yes, there are some very strange buildings. And, of course no basements. What I found interesting there are very few stand alone houses. Sixty-seven to be exact. We lived in an apartment off Beethovenstraat in an area called the Gold Coast, and I loved walking the streets in our neighborhood just looking at the old buildings. Thank you for the great photographs. Virginia

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