Keukenhof’s Flower Power

Driving around the Netherlands from the months of March to May strikes me as driving next to a water painting. Various flowers including the tulip, the unofficial symbol of the Netherlands, blossom and the Dutch fields turn into a large garden.

Imagine the field as the background of a painting and each row of blooming flowers, be it in red, purple, yellow, pink, orange etc, come across as large strokes of paint drawn over the field. A visual sight to behold.

For those who want a closer look at the flowers, Keukenhof, located in the small town of Lisse, is a must-visit destination. Imagine a sprawling 32 hectares (0.32km2) garden filled with 4.5 million tulips in 100 varieties before your eyes.

One can (easily) spend an entire afternoon exploring Keukenhof with its 15km of footpaths and millions of flowers on display.

Note: This may not be an activity suited for men as Bolly and my brother clearly had enough of flowers after one hour of walking around the garden and insisted that all the flowers looked the same. I guess the flowers must have looked all jumbled up to them at the end of our 4-hour visit…

P/S: Keukenhof‘s last day for this season is on 20 May 2012!


5 thoughts on “Keukenhof’s Flower Power

  1. Incredible shots! I’m sad I’ll only be in the Netherlands in late June, and only in Amsterdam, and only for two days 😦 Would have loved to see this! Maybe next year…

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s worth the while to time your next visit to the Netherlands in order to catch the spring blossom and Keukenhof. This was my second visit and the sight of the flowers and colours still take my breath away 🙂

  2. Spectacular photographs !! The incredible colours transports one to the movie Wizard of Oz. So brilliant one can’t believe they are real. I visited Keukenhof in April and caught the early spring flowers. Memorable.

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