Of chocolates and age

Who hasn’t had a craving for chocolate before? Thick, gooey chocolate….simply irresistable! A recent SMS conversation where I was recounting my craving for chocolates to a girlfriend and her reply made me realise how cravings for chocolate can take on such different meanings as we age….

Kids crave all sweet treats including chocolates…

The best, or perhaps the most indulgent, profiteroles in Paris at Chez Flottes

In your teens, you start getting conscious of your waistline while enjoying chocolates but who cares? The metabolic rate is still going strong…

Chocolate Cake from “Des Gâteaux et du Pain”

In our 20s, we ladies blame our chocolate cravings on PMS…

My FAVOURITE chocolate cake from La Pâtisserie des Rêves. To die for…

And in our 30s, apparently craving chocolates could imply that one could be pregnant… 😉

Hugo & Victor’s “Hugo Caramel”

According to my friend, after 40, one gains weight even from drinking water. So drinking thick hot chocolate would likely be frowned upon…

Angelina’s hot chocolate will satisfy any chocolate craving…

Or you could just throw caution to the wind, live life and have chocolate whenever and wherever you want 🙂

MIAM – my sentiment after savouring Chez Flotte’s profiteroles

La vie est belle, et encore plus belle avec du chocolat

(Life is beautiful and even more so with chocolates)

And yes, if it’s not clear, I’m craving chocolates now… 😉


6 thoughts on “Of chocolates and age

  1. You are cruel and uncaring. How, how, how could you post those mouth-watering, dreamy chocolate photographs. Here am I. Waiting for Husband to put burgers on the bbq. And dreaming about those delicious, saucy bits of chocolate!

  2. Memories indeed!
    You’re doing the “writing on the plate” thingy still huh!
    Still remember the time at Le Chateaubriand..?? Hehe.

    Oh and your picture of Angelina’s hot chocolate just reminded me of the AMAZING hot choc there. I had 2 macaroons with it last time and it was like a full meal!

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