Photos of “Nothing”

With what I call a “swiss cheese” memory with many holes/gaps, I decided, several years ago, to start capturing my life and memories through photography. I’m by no means a professional photographer but toying with my cameras in the past few years has taught me to be more acutely aware of my environment.  Bolly constantly rolls his eyes when I stop suddenly while we’re walking somewhere and pull out my camera to take a photo of “nothing”.

“Nothing” it may be to him but the photos I take speak to me differently 🙂 – beauty, nature’s wonders, innocence, humour, effect of light etc etc. Since moving to Paris not too long ago, I’ve been surprised by how much humour I see around me here.

I took a double-take when I saw this cross-eyed horse while visiting a major tourist attraction in Paris…

Parisians love their dogs but seriously??? A different take on walking the dogs…

Kiss my A#@…
No, this is not how Parisians stay skinny…
À la René Magritte’s “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. So if this isn’t a lamp…


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