France’s Young Ones

It certainly has been an eye-opener living in France and witnessing the different political campaigns for the French Presidential elections over the past months. The heated debates (including the just-ended debate between the two Presidential candidates), the press coverage and the social media updates have been extensive. Over drinks and dinners on many occasions, we’ve overheard the table next to us discuss the elections.  We had the opportunity of being present at a dinner two nights ago where all but one present were supporters of the incumbent President Nicholas Sarkozy and Bolly and I watched as the one sole supporter of Socialist candidate Francois Hollande tried to convince them otherwise. We, being non-French, tried to remain relatively neutral.

Another feature of this election that has surprised me is the political involvement of the young French population…

2 young boys heading to a rally.

The slogan on his T-shirt – “Les Jeunes avec Sarkozy” (The young with Sarkozy).

Another slogan – “The students with Sarkozy”.

Face painting the name of the candidate she supports.

We were seriously worried that one of the teenagers/young adults watching the rally from the rooftop would fall.

Being young and agile helps one to get a better view during the rally.

Young at heart 🙂


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