Parisian humour – road signs

What comes to mind when we think of Paris are its world-famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Centre Georges Pompidou, Seine River etc etc. Beyond admiring these traditional Paris sights, what I really love to do here is to walk around, marvel at the architecture, people-watch and I know that I’ll be surprised somewhere, somehow along the way.

It started with a discreet road sign that was situated outside a restaurant where Bolly and I were having lunch at. At a quick glance, it was just another sign depicting a ‘Dead End’. Then on closer look, the road sign actually depicted a crucifixion. Then while we were walking around before heading to the theatre, we spotted the ‘No Entry’ road sign that looked as if it was being stolen by a man. While driving around the 9th arrondissement (Paris has 20 arrondissements or districts), we spotted three creatively decorated ‘Turn Left’/’No Left Turn’ road signs which respectively incorporated a heart, a man planting/picking a flower and the Eiffel Tower. The last discovery, and the centre-piece below was (and rather aptly) situated in Pigalle, opposite the rows of adult shops and strip clubs. Parisian humour?


4 thoughts on “Parisian humour – road signs

  1. I feel so stupid for not seeing the one in Pigalle! I’m always looking down. I should look up more! I like the concept of your blog very much, so please continue…

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