Au revoir l’hiver

My favourite season is winter. Yes, the biting cold winter. It may sound ridiculous but for someone coming from tropical Singapore where the only seasons that we have consist of hot, hotter and hottest, I’ve always loved the advent of winter and the promise of snow. Sadly, winter in Paris has been disappointing thus far as we only had two days of snow. The first time it snowed overnight here, I rushed out to take photos from the little balcony of our apartment whilst Bolly looked at his pyjamas-clad wife and looked less than amused.

I see the first hints of spring – the warmer weather and earlier sunrise. Soon the trees will no longer be bare and the thick winter (and often sombre-coloured) coats will give way to tank tops, short skirts and sandals.  Adios, l’hiver and till we meet again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Au revoir l’hiver

  1. I love winter too!!! Love the last photo! Absolutely amazing. I’ve never been to Paris, but hopefully when I get there I’ll take a pic like that of my own.
    Lovely blog btw!

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