Le Troquet in Paris 15th arrondissement

What’s a ‘Troquet’ ?  Troquet is a familiar name for a small bar serving drinks and sometimes food, in our case it’s a bistro-style restaurant in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

We will always remember this place as it was the first restaurant where Chee, my family and I had dinner when we first moved to Paris in 2011. It was also a “lucky find” as we were new to Paris and didn’t know where to have a decent meal.  Thankfully Chee found the place after reading good reviews about ‘le Troquet’.

For a bistro, it’s important to have a good quality for price menu (in french “rapport qualitéprix”).  At ‘le Troquet’, the base menu is 32€ for starter-main-dessert and you can choose from different dishes hand-written on a board.  On another board, you can find more seasonal suggestions which usually comes at extra cost.

One of the interesting (and yummy!) starters is the ‘charcuterie’ from a friend of the owner (Louis Ospital), if you order this starter, you will receive a huge basket of ‘charcuterie’ and you are sure that everybody can try it.

Other starters we tried: Salad of scallops with black truffles (supplement of 12€ which is reasonable for black truffles) and Crostini with dried ham, tomato, pesto and parmiggiano.

For main course: Stingray Grenoble-style (capers, pulp of lemon, croutons and brown butter) with quinoa, Wild ‘Colvert’ duck with ‘grenailles’ potatoes.

Desserts: Cherries marinated in liqueur with yogurt ice-cream & rhubarb pannacotta with ‘madeleine’ biscuit.

As for the wines, they have a good and varied selection and the prices are not too high. The average price for a decent bottle is between 25 and 35 euros.

we’ve now been back to ‘Le Troquet’ 4 times and have always enjoyed the nice reasonably-priced bistro-meal in a friendly atmosphere.

We highly recommend you to book in advance if you want to have dinner there during the week-end. The restaurant usually has two services, one starting around 8pm and one after 10pm. We’ve always had dinner during the first service and they have never chased us away to accommodate the next service (thumbs up for the service!).

Tip: try not to sit at the first table next to the entrance as there are often plenty of people waiting for a table during the second service.


3 thoughts on “Le Troquet in Paris 15th arrondissement

  1. Definitely will try it next time in Paris, and of course, will take the charcuterie plate followed by the scallop salad and as a good student I am, closing with pannacotta. Not to mention the Muscat & Sancerre and may be all in between . . . ‘so help me N. take the pannacotta please’

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