3 stars : Pré catelan (amazing lunch !!!)

On 4th of January 2012, Chee decided to take me to a Parisian 3-starred restaurant for my birthday. I absolutely didn’t know where Chee was taking me! After a 15 min drive from our appartment, we arrived in Bois de Boulogne at ‘Le Pré Catelan’ by chef Frédéric Anton.

We were warmly received by the hostess and waiters and taken to our table. Thereafter, one important decision to make, à la carte or lunch menu?

While Chee was clicking away on her camera, I decided to go ahead with the lunch menu (85€) and we’ll come back for ‘à la carte dinner’. Chee looked like she agreed (I think her wallet too! ) Lunch was ordered and the wine I selected was from Jura: Arbois 1999 – Jacques Puffenet, well-recommended by Olivier Poussier (best world sommelier 2000) and very good quality for the price (59€).

Let’s start our 3 starred lunch menu (miam miam), mise en bouche arrived first: Cappuccino of chesnuts with quail egg. I saw that the other table was having caviar and also wanted caviar. I asked the waiter for a small portion of caviar but he gently told us that the lunch would be enough for us and that the caviar was served as a starter dish with crab (3 different preparations of crab including one with caviar). What to do? I decided to order one portion to be served in between the starter and main course! I’m always exaggerating… Starter was then served: Scallops prepared in 3 different styles: slowly-cooked on a hot stone; japanese (bonite) stock with girolles mushrooms; and in emulsion of bisque.

Excellent, very good beginning! Original!

After that, our second  was served: the Crab also cooked in 3 styles: one with light jelly of coral; one with french caviar; and one in soup perfumed with fenel. While we ordered only one starter (85€) to share, they brought us two servings and told us that the 2nd serving was on the house. What a surprise!!!  Thank you again. Another delicious dish and I got my caviar 😉

Now comes the main course, the Pigeon with cabbage and foie gras, confit of its leg. Very original setting on the plate. Chee didn’t want to taste the brain!

After this succulent dish, they presented us a platter of the best french cheeses.

For dessert, Chee chose the “Poire comme une belle Hélène” and I took the “Paris-Brest”. Hot chocolate sauce was poured over the ball of chocolate and the ooozing hot sauce melted it, creating what we see below.

 After one of the best meals that we’ve had in Paris (and not the last), we took coffee and could not finish the mignardises as we were sooooo full. Now it’s time to leave this nice table. Thank you for this nice moment at Pré Catelan and this last delicate attention of offering us a little bag of homemade caramel.


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