Bolly’s favourite home-cooked dishes?

There are a couple of dishes that are Bolly’s specialities. Check them out below:

Côte de boeuf façon Troisgros (3*), gratin dauphinois, confit of shallots and garlic, jus de veau, rucola on the side

Cataplana (portuguese dish) with monkfish, prawns, shellfish, hint of fresh mint

100 recipes of risotto: here with Paris mushrooms, peas and prawns

100 recipes of salads: here with coeur de boeuf tomato, advocado, octopus, prawns and marinated salmon

Singapore chili crab

Magret of duck from challans with cherries sauce, spinach and gratin dauphinois

Homemade spaghetti with bolognese sauce and parmiggiano

Blue breton lobster and veal sweetbread, aspargus, risotto, lobster mousseline

Pan-fried duck foie gras, pulp of grapefruit, sliced green apple, balsamic

Pan-fried stingray with butter and capers, Paris mushrooms risotto, rucola


One thought on “Bolly’s favourite home-cooked dishes?

  1. . . . I think P forgot to make one of his favorite risotto or spaghetti for us – that’s ok because you can do it next time . . .

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